Fellowship Application and Review Process

Note on 2024 competition:

Applications  for the 2024 competition are now available, and will be due January 19. 2024.

Eligibility: To be eligible, an applicant must be a graduate student or untenured faculty member conducting research on modern Chinese history or the archaeology of China at a university or college.

Solicitation of Applications: The Foundation board will solicit applications by contacting universities with programs in Chinese studies and by posting information on relevant online sites and bulletin boards, such as those operated by the Association for Asian Studies and H-Asia. Solicitations will be made annually in the fall and will specify the objectives and requirements that apply. Application forms and instructions will be available online at the Foundation website as part of the funding opportunity announcement.

Application: Applicants will be required to submit:

  • A completed application form
  • A description (1000-2000 words) of proposed activities
  • A proposed budget for use of the fellowship award funds
  • A brief description of other funding received or applied for in relation to the project and an explanation of how the Foundation funding will complement that support
  • A professional curriculum vitae
  • Transcript of graduate courses taken and grades earned (graduate students only)
  • Two academic letters of recommendation
  • Affirmation that the information submitted is true and correct.

Applications will be submitted through upload at the Foundation website.

Application Review and Approval Process: All applications will be submitted to the Foundation Board of Directors as a whole for evaluation and selection.  Should any Board member find that an application gives rise to a conflict interest, such member shall notify the Board and recuse him or herself from discussion of, and voting on, the merits of that application.

The criteria upon which selections will be made consist of:

  • The importance, feasibility, and promise of the proposed research project as determined by the expertise of the Board, the quality and detail of the proposal,  and the academic strength of the applicant.
  • The precision, detail and economy of the budget request. Budgets that just happen to meet the $6000 maximum will receive particular scrutiny.
  • The contribution that the proposed research will make to our knowledge of modern Chinese economic, social, and political history or the archaeology of ancient China.
  • Applicant’s demonstrated capacity to successfully complete the proposed project based on his or her academic record, recommendations, and the quality of application.
  • The feasibility of the project in the context of a research environment in China that may limit access to particular archival or field work research.

The Board will review all complete applications but will be under no obligation to approve any applicants if no applicant meets the selection criteria. The Board shall ensure that proposed budget expenses of awardees include only those expenses reasonably related to the proposed research project and shall have the authority to contact the applicant to adjust budget items as appropriate. Each Board member will rank the applicants independently and deliberate to make a final selection.

Notification: The Foundation will notify recipients of approval by post and/or electronic mail. Notification will be accompanied by a fellowship agreement letter to be executed through countersignature by the applicant. The Foundation will be under no legal obligation to distribute funds until it has received an executed fellowship agreement.