The Esherick-Ye Family Foundation is pleased to announce the results of its 2019 competition for small grants of up to $5,000 to support projects in modern Chinese economic,  social, and political history or archaeology.  Congratulations to the following 2019 grant recipients, whose publications to date are also listed:

Elizabeth BERGER, Postdoctoral fellow. University of Michigan Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies.  “Death and Disease in a Time of Climate Change: Paleodemography of Bronze Age Northwest China.”

______.  Dittmar, Jenna M., Elizabeth S. Berger, Ruilin Mao, Hui Wang, and Hui-Yuan Yeh. “A Probable Case of Multiple Myeloma from Bronze Age China.” International Journal of Paleopathology 31 (2020): 64-70.

______. Dittmar, Jenna M., Elizabeth S. Berger, Ruilin Mao, Hui Wang, and Hui-Yuan Yeh. “The Mogou Bioarchaeology Project: Exploring Health in the Chinese Bronze Age.” Antiquity  (2021): 1-7.

Fei GUO, Ph.D. candidate. University of Texas at Austin. “The Suppressing Counter-revolutionaries Campaign: Violence and State-building in China 1947-1953.”

Yahui HE. Ph.D. candidate. Stanford University. “Subsistence Strategies, Demographic Dispersals and Cultural Transitions in early Neolithic Northern Zone, China.”

Wing Tung Jada KO. Ph.D. candidate. Harvard University. “When Prehistory Meets History: Local Gazetteers, Archaeological Diaries, and Local Memories of the Dongxiang People at Qijiaping, Gansu.”

______.  “Remembering Qijiaping, Forgetting Qijiaping: Archaeological Experience as Shared Heritage.” Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities. Vol. 82:135-180.

LI Yujie, Ph.D. candidate. University of Chicago. “Wheels and Sweat: Bicycles, Wheelbarrows, and Horse-drawn Carts in the Everyday Life of Socialist China, 1949‑1976.”

______.  “Birth of the Phoenix: Petty Capitalists in the Socialist Transformation of the Shanghai Bicycle Industry,” Twentieth-Century China, Volume 47, Number 3, October 2022, pp. 266-286

Yi LU. Ph.D. candidate. Harvard University. “The Dustbin of History: Archival Politics in Modern China.”

______.  “Garbage Gleanings: Collected Knowledge of PRC History,” The PRC History Review 6, no. 3 (2021),

POH Yi Jia. Ph.D. candidate. Australian National University. “The Made and The Making: Pottery Production and Community Construction in Bronze Age Eastern Lingnan of Southern China (700-300 BC).”

Yifan SHI. Ph.D. candidate.  Simon Fraser University. “Socialist Style: Youth Subcultures and Living Tactics in China, 1949-1983.”

Spencer Dean STEWART. Ph.D. candidate. University of Chicago. “The Fabric of War: Cotton Science and Rural Reform in Wartime China, 1937-1945.”

Xian WANG. Ph.D. candidate. University of British Columbia. “Mao’s Revolution and Ethno-religious Conflicts: The Muslim Uprising in Southern Yunnan (1949-2016).”

______.  “Land Reform in the Southern Yunnan Muslim Community: Growing Divergence Beneath the Socialist Rhetoric of Unity, 1949–1958.” Journal of Chinese History, DOI:

______. “Justice for Whom? Redressing the “1975 Shadian Incident” in the Post-Mao Era, 1978–2019,” Modern China, DOI: